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That Guy There
United States
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Okay, so it seems like I'm really starting to get into creating a Magic: the Gathering set for One Piece. It'll only be marginally balanced as a playable deck, and it's more just to set up a MtG equivalent out of fun, but I like doing stuff like this, so here goes.

I had already posted some of my cards, but I've gone back and I'm sorting them into batches. The individual batches might be updated as need be.

The program I use is Magic Set Editor. It's a lot more convenient than working with a multitude of layers and copying in Photoshop.


I'm gonna use this journal entry to provide some of my thoughts about new abilities and balancing the characters.

The "Legendary" status: First and foremost, unless the characters are literally legendary in the One Piece sense (Roger, Whitebeard, etc.), I'm gonna try and keep the casting costs restricted to one color. I will, however, be using multiple colors for abilities based upon the nature of the abilities in question. And I'll be designating unique individuals as "legendary" anyway, since there's only one Monkey D. Luffy.

Devil Fruits -- enchantments versus character-specific abilities: I could conceivably create a set of legendary enchantments for the Devil Fruits, allowing you to have only one of each type in play, and maybe even allowing any player to pay an amount of colorless mana to bring it back into play attached to a new creature without a Devil Fruit already. If I did that, though, then the unique abilities specific to each character would be gone. For example, I could give the Gum-Gum fruit powers to just anybody, but how many other people would have come up with attacks like Luffy, especially the gears? I'd rather give all the established powers to the characters that have them during the course of One Piece. If I get bored and come up with some new fruit ideas after I've created an exhaustive card library, then I'll make up some fruits that work as enchantments.

Devil Fruits -- abilities: I've designed an ability for characters who have eaten a fruit. It goes on to list type, specific quality, and any strengths or weaknesses. For example, Eneru has "Devil Fruit -- Logia, Lightning, rubber weakness". Since Eneru is listed as a Logia user, he's therefore immune to all damage except that from sources with Haki or Sea Prism Stones. Lightning just gives his damage type, in case it's important (for example, since Luffy has "lightning-proof"). The strengths and weaknesses are listed afterwards and reflect damage source types that the creature either has resistance to (e.g., "lightning-proof" reduces all lightning damage to zero) or a weakness against (e.g., "water weakness" removes Crocodile's logia abilities when he gets wet). As of yet, "-proof" abilities tend toward Paramecia types, while "weakness" abilities tend toward Logia types. For the time being, I'm leaving the explanations on the cards themselves, unless they get REALLY cramped on there.


Card sets:

Straw Hat Crew: the nine Straw-hats plus both ships

Other Pirates & the Lawless: Buggy, Mihawk, Arlong, Crocodile, Eneru

Marines: Smoker

Equipment and Artifacts



Coming next, in no particular order:

Cane Sword

Pirate (nameless mook)

Portgas D. Ace
Admiral Aokiji
Monkey D. Garp
Gekko Moria
Bartholomew Kuma


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